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While working on the restorations of an old exploration hut in Antarctica, a group of conservators made an amazing discovery. Preserved in a block of ice for almost 100 years was a box of exposed but still unprocessed negatives.- http://bit.ly/1dd7bs5

I see you and your girl friend, and then I see us, were best friends, you guys aren’t.
my mind just runs so free

Gettin shiba done. Happy place. @jdayoffroad end of the year edit in full effect.



RIP Big Man. You where truly my best friend. ❤️

✌️ FL


Coolest kid ever.

My kid later on

We trainin out here. Getting the shot for @jasonklammer2



Trying to boost down here in the florida woodz findin boostas @jasonklammer2

Ow ow ;) #wcw 2x

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