we can all agree that autumn is a nicer word than fall

Autumn Out Boy

Your there and I’m here

I say “I’ll call ya tonight” I wait all night…
“10:3?” Still nothing….

Fahk this sucks.

The local boy. Style for miles. #thoseeyes

The local boy. Style for miles.

The last 6 months has been the best experience of my life. I’m so thankful I got the opportunity to learn and meet so many awesome people while I was in Polynesia. I loved it. #learnandpush #thankyoumomanddad

Duncan and I are heading up into the mountains to try to tackle the peak in the center of the photo. Hoping to get up to the top but it’s very doubtful as there is no trail and it’s extremely steep. I brought the climbing shoes so it a go for sure. It’s going to be very steep and very rough. Waking up early. Last day hike and flying home at 11:50 pm. #tahiti #hiking #climbing

Just a bit intimidating. #tahiti #teahupoo

Yup. I was a Sally and didn’t catch a wave today while out on the water with the help of @hugoslife808 and friends. These waves were just to fierce for young BennyG. Maybe next year 😝 it was fun paddling and feeling the force of teahupoo thou. An experience I’ll never forget. Thanks to @tahuraihenry @dmosqphoto and Duncan for the great times today. 🙏

So happy out here. Waves for dayz.

First day riding with this guy @ianstadig savages from day one! 😜 #tbt

Riding some fun waves with some local friends! Life is good. 😊

Hanging out @ripcurl @cbgypsy


Teahupoo, Tahiti. Got an epic hike in with the help of Duncan as our guide! So wild!

Epic hikes with friends. Chels and I are loving It!

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