My three amigos stuntin.



A year worth of effort for my friends. Enjoy the trailer to my film. Film will only be on DVD email me at.

Finals means time to experiment.

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Just a little color and grading for the JBR edit.

@yaworski263 on ye olde cr ripppa

Work hard, play hard… Time for some new cleats…

Just getting use to sendin booters and then i break my arm and dislocate my shoulder a week after this. @yaworski263 on the cam. Tbt

The incognito rida supporting the bucket wick hat.

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You meet the nicest people on vintage motorcycles

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final leg between the Catlins and Invercargill with Sara and Bekah before they dropped me off and they continued through to Milford Sound.

Nikon F3T - Fuji 400.

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