Drinking some mountain water hanging out in paradise.

Flying back to Welly :(

Climbed up this bad Larry today with @cbgypsy. She was shittnum at the top.

Fjords. Never coming back.

The chasm in fiord-land national park. One of the most insane and terrifying mountain runs off I will ever see.

Mirror lake.

Queenstown is unfuhking real….

Words can’t even describe these mountains. Mind blown.

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Team Jones ! USA!

NZ Moto Vans are so nasty!

Dream job. One day.

@offroadpaparazzi with the awesome shot. Everyone should send it to the @jdayoffroad race tomorrow. Gonna be epic! Wish I could make it!

@motophoto29 catching me stuntin the ktm extreme section at jolly last year in the pro 125 @jdayoffroad ✊

So speedy 🐏

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